LVT Cup III 2009

Posted by LVT - 2012-12-13 22:22:00

LVT had supported the staff to play sports and exercise. Football and Badminton are the two activities that company is supporting at the moment. LVT had arranged the Football Competition every year. This year is the 3rd time.

The objective of this activity is to promote the socialization among the staff and also between other companies who are the football sportslover. There are 4 teams joining this match i.e. LVT, CTC, BJM and Nice Day. There will be competition every Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00 during 14 February - 14 March 2009.

LVT (red shirts) and Nice Day (white shirts) teams were playing as the first match. LVT had collected 3 points with the score 6-1. The second match is between BJM and CTC. BJM had defeated CTC (black shirts) by 7-1.

The second round of the match took place on last Saturday 21 February 2009. LVT also won the match. This coming Saturday 28 February 2009, there will be the last collecting points match before the final round. If you are interested, please go to support LVT at Wichupa Football Field, Nawamin Road.

The final round will be on 14 March 2009. We hope that our LVT football team will be in the final match as we are the champ for the last year.