Summary from the LVT Agent Conference held in Myanmar February 2014

Posted by LVT - 2014-03-14 11:29:00

On the 13 February 2014 L.V. Technology held its second Company Agent conference in order to share regional knowledge on the current cement industry in the Asian region as well as the Middle East. Possible prospects for the future were discussed for selected countries.

The conference was a combined conference and study tour and was for this purpose held in Naypyitaw, Myanmar. The participants visited the 1250 TPD Cement Plant Project at Taungphilar, Naypyitaw. Where it was possible to see the upgrading activities and to ask questions to the LVT supervisors and the plant staff. This factory is presently being upgrading by L.V. Technology to 1500 TPD dry production for Max Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Myanmar.