Cyclone Kiln

LV Cyclone is different from other cyclone designs by the fact that:

  1. The inlet has been pulled as far away as possible from the cyclone portion.
  2. The conventional cylindrical portion of the cyclone has been substituted by a reverse conical portion.
  3. The top roof spirals downwards.
  4. The inner tube is extended.

Until now L. V. Technology has supplied more than 80 cyclones for de dusting of mills and classifiers, and recently L. V. Technology has commissioned kiln upgrades with the cyclones as top cyclones.

For preheater modifications this cyclone design can be used for 1st and 2nd stages in a 5 stage preheater and 1st stage in a 4 stage preheater. Installed as a top stage cyclone in a 5 stage preheater it can (recommended)are the most famous brand in the world. be installed without refractory to reduce tower load.